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Concrete cutting blade


Cutting saw blades or saw blades are often used by many companies that use metal circular saws. This is a common problem, and other companies have headaches. After all, the consumption of saw blades is also a big expense for enterprises. So is there any way to minimize this loss?

First of all, let's analyze the cause of damage to the circular saw blade:

In the installation of circular saw blade must also be properly installed, more than a few inspections, the installation is not correct will not only make the saw blade metal circular saw blade will also affect the life of the circular saw;

Improper setting of the ammeter When the ammeter is set incorrectly, the saw blade will be damaged and the machine will be damaged. The circular saw machine will not work properly. Especially if the iron scrap is inside, the small scrap iron will not be cleaned in time and the circular saw blade will be damaged. Rate and consumption are too fast;

The saw blade of the metal circular saw machine must be handled with care so as not to accidentally fall off the ground, causing the surface of the saw blade of the circular saw machine to be not smooth enough, and the friction force is increased.

The cutting speed is too fast. The cutting speed is related to the cutting material. For different material cutting speeds, the cutting speed should be adjusted as required. Many companies cut the cutting speed blindly in order to cut the cutting speed, which results in damage to the saw blade of the metal circular sawing machine. It is also the root cause of saw blade damage;

The cutting of the material is relatively dirty. The occurrence of this condition is relatively rare. Some enterprises cut the material dirty and the enterprise does not pay attention. The material is often sent directly to the machine for cutting, and the material to be cut is never cleaned before. This is an error. The consciousness, because the material has a lot of dust, iron filings, and even dirt, which will bring a lot of friction when cutting a metal circular saw blade, and the friction circular sawing machine blade is certainly wasted too quickly;

The one-time working time of the circular saw is too long. Usually, in order to speed up the production, the company may work more than 12 hours a day, or even work the machine 24 hours a day. In this case, the load will increase when the circular saw is cut. Circular saw Without buffering, it will inevitably be too fast.

In addition to some of the above factors, there is a point that manufacturers who choose circular saw blades must also think more.

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